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A decade ago I experienced two serious heart attacks. I was told by my cardiologist that I should prepare myself for an "abbreviated" life, a borrowed life of five years if I followed medical orders and stayed on my medications.

I capitulated to the false notion that my life was in the hands of my cardiologists and in a greater sense in the hands of Western medicine. I began to fill my life with distractions and drama, anxiously fearing that things would get worse. And they did. I was in a "fix me" mode and I placed the burden of responsibility on what medical practice could do for me.

During my travels I visited many cardiologists, respecting my diagnosing cardiologist by dutifully visiting a specialist every three months. Most were autocratic in their treatment and sounded like one long inflexible prescription. And then I met a wonderful holistic practitioner in New Mexico who preferred not to discuss symptoms with her patients but rather liked to indulge in narrative...about people, places, adventures and daily experience. "Healing," she told me, "was a lifetime experience."

My experience with that physician and her wise prescription began an incredible journey of full healing, one that would eventually reverse my cardiovascular disease and my condition of congestive heart failure.

We are always managing disease, even cancer, through the powerhouse called the immune system. If that system is healthy often times we experience no symptoms. Disease is a part of life, not a foreign invader as Western medical ideology has long persuaded us. We are not victims of disease, rather we are victims of Western medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and even health insurance companies. These industries depend on people being sick...and often staying sick.

In this book I will share with you many personal failures in my life and the crippling conditions brought on by those perceived failures. The journey to intrinsic awareness, wholeness in health and the fantastic powers we are all endowed with to manage disease forms the exciting roadmap of this book.

Together, we will explore the abilities each of us possesses to eliminate the fear of death (which is the portal to all fears), to influence when we are going to die, to use our own frailties (and disease) to our advantage, to reawaken to our natural and primal state of innocence and present-moment being, and lastly, to manage the awesome powers of intrinsic knowledge.

We will look at the latest holistic medical interventions, many of those dealing with the powerful healing effects of nutraceuticals, vitamins, nutrition, exercise and, what I term, intrinsic knowing, the portal to full awareness.

We can all become co-healers. We can share our connection to intrinsic knowledge and help others awaken to their own incredible healing capabilities. We can become and guide others to be gentle leaders, those who are connected to their inner truths and to the one truth that links us all.


Disease can be a frightful word. It connotes something bad, something harmful that has entered your body and must be eradicated. Think disease and what logically follows is medicinal cure, some trusted chemical potion that will either kill what ails you or will at least help you fight it. Western medicine has conditioned us to seek out treatment when we feel the symptoms of illness. We do so when we have pain, aches and discomfort and go to our physicians or to emergency rooms to seek relief and treatment. We become victims of disease and look to medical professionals to "fix us". It is a role we as patients and medical professionals play, often unwittingly, because the practice has been around for perhaps thousands of years. It is custom, obedience and compliance with societal and industry expectations.


Can we really reverse heart disease? If we are willing to broaden our awareness, to begin to truly listen to the language of our body, to eat nourishing non-meat meals, to change our attitude about disease, to minimize stress, to regularly exercise, to take full charge of our healing role and to learn to spend more time in the present moment, then, yes, we can effect remarkable healing results. Thousands have accomplished this. You can too.


Surrender is full (intrinsic) acceptance of what is and who you are in the now. It is a part of total knowing. It is a personal and ongoing choice you make. While surrender works to erode fear, fear must be experienced first.


How does one live as a gentle leader and remain obedient to necessary convention? Isn’t this a contradiction? Gentle leaders respect the opinions of others, however entrenched those ideas appear to be. Gentle leaders understand who they are and where they are. If a set of rules runs counter to their belief system, they make an active choice to either follow (transcend) those mandates or opt out of them altogether. They never feel compelled to follow. Respect and perspective have become the twin pillars of their belief system. They don’t impede the dramas of others. They rise above what they know they cannot change.


To place yourself in a knowing mode is to surrender to the moment exactly as it is. It is the simplicity of being: A dog stretched under a morning sun, a bird sitting on a wire, a cloud existing in a blue sky. It is you in a moment of full compassion; it is you in the act of kindness; it is the deep breath you release when wisdom nears. It is you awakening in your dream.


What if you could learn to experience death long before you actually die? And what if that process frees you from the fear of death…and all fear?


Who and where were you before you were born? Were you always a presence in a non-physical way? Did your physicality evolve from that alternate presence? We may not be able to answer those questions directly…but we can allow ourselves to feel our internal responses.